Rewire Your Brain to Become a Fearless Money Making Machine
Are you tired of holding yourself back?
Tell me if this sounds like you...
Do you struggle to make the money you know you're deserving of?

Do you second-guess yourself and doubt your decisions over and over again?

Do you procrastinate and ignore the things you know you know you need to do?

Do you avoid putting yourself out there because you're afraid people will judge you?

Do you wake up every day motivated and go to bed every night feeling defeated?

Do you feel like you're never good enough, smart enough or experienced enough?
You know things need to change, you just don't know how. 
What would it be like if you could...
Launch your dream podcast, overhaul your website and write 3 new blog posts in less than 10 days without any stress...
Make such a splash with your message you get a personal invite from the host of your favorite podcast to be a featured guest...
Get paid $15,000 a month to be flown first-class to Europe, put up in a luxury hotel and give advice to multi-millionaires...
A revolutionary 12 week experience to 
rewire your mind for limitless success.
Live Group Coaching
Get hands-on support from someone who has walked your path - so you don’t go down the wrong one.

You’ll get powerful live group coaching  sessions with Jess every week to change the way you think, move through fear and answer your most burning  questions.  
Life-Changing Hypnosis
Let go of negative thoughts and take action whenever you want - without second guessing yourself.

Using the power of an innovative form of hypnotherapy, you'll reprogram your mind to feel rock-solid confidence, crush money blocks and take action with ease.
Massive Fearless Action
Up-level your business and make a bigger impact in people's lives  - no more waiting and wishing. 

Each week you'll complete a different challenge that's designed to push you past your comfort zone and take you and your business to new levels of success.

Over 12 Weeks You Will Rewire Your Brain To...
Make more money
Crush self-doubt
Wake Up Motivated
Take Fearless Action
Stop Overthinking
Trust Your Intuition
Be More Confident
Charge What You're Worth
"This is the first program I've done that actually combines mindset with business. My only question is what are you waiting for? The sooner you start, the sooner you'll have the benefits." 
- Janine Wirth
Worth to Wealth 
Action System
Priceless tools you need to get things done.
I'm taking everything I've done to help my high-paying clients achieve massive success and financial freedom and giving you the very best. Every week, you'll get powerful tools, practices and action assignments that will have an immediate impact on you and your business. No full - just real stuff that works.
Is Worth to Wealth right for me?
If you're an entrepreneur who wants to have bullet proof confidence and take massive action that impacts your bottom line, you're in the right place. 
"I want to take action."
Whether it's watching hours of Netflix or putting things off until tomorrow, you're tired of the procrastination and self-sabotage that's keeping you stuck and draining your bank account in the process. Yikes.

Blow up the bullshit beliefs that are holding you back and feel inspired to take massive action.
"I want to feel confident." 
You're tired of second-guessing yourself, wondering "what if" and playing the "fake it till you make it" game. You're tired of trying. You'd like to actually believe you rock - not just pretend - and feel comfortable in your own skin...finally!

Rewire your mind to let go of your fear of failure and reclaim the self-worth confidence you were born with.
"I want more money."
You keep passing up trips because you feel guilty spending the money you make. And you never seem to have enough. From the prices you charge to the people you hang out with and you're done with making decisions from a place of scarcity and lack. 

Crush your money blocks and scarcity mindset so you can focus on being, doing and having more - not less. 
Take your power back.
Fill out your application and talk with a member of our team to 
see if Worth to Wealth is right for you.
You can do it.
Just like these entreprenuers...
Before I joined Worth to Wealth I was barely able to pay my rent. In less than 3 weeks after we started, I made over $17,000! Now 5-figure months are my new normal. Jess's unique combination of hypnotherapy and coaching helped me break through to a new level, and in short order. The program pushed me out of my comfort zone, and by sharing her own personal vulnerabilities and how she overcame them, Jess helped me realize that I could do the same. I'm very proud to call Jessica as my coach, and I am fully confident in her ability to take me where I desire to go. 
- Olivia Love Worthy
Coaching with Jess changed my life. When we met I was stuck, overwhelmed and my business was falling apart. In a couple months I turned my business around, brought in more money than ever before and finally feel like I am living my soul’s purpose. The depth and power of this work is unbelievable. She goes where most coaches don’t so you can get to the root of your challenges and make changes that last a lifetime. If you are thinking about working with her, do it. It WILL change your life forever. 
- Maggie Kay
 The power of this work has transformed my life and my business completely. I’ve learned so much about who I am. I’ve uncovered and transformed core beliefs that were limiting my growth. She really sees you and holds you to a higher standard. I’ve developed new skills to help me move through fear, doubt and uncertainty. Since working together I made my first 5-figure month and new opportunities are opening to me every day. Jess is an incredible person, coach and leader. If you want deep lasting change - she’s the one. 
- Joy Lin

My Promise
"My only goal as your coach is to help you move through the things that keep you from taking action in your business and in your life. Because you're worth it."
- Jess Geist
Now's your chance.
Fill out your application and talk with a member of our team to 
see if Worth to Wealth is right for you.
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